Technical documentation development

Technical documentation is a set of documents required for compliance with the terms of design, manufacture and operation of products, which includes:

Safety Case is the document that contains risk analysis, as well as details of the design, operation, technical documentation about the minimum necessary measures to ensure the security that accompanies machines and (or) equipment at all stages of their life cycle and is supplemented by information on the results of the risk assessment during the operational phase after a major overhaul.

Safety Case should be developed when designing machines and (or) equipment by manufacturers, designers of machines and (or) equipment or by organizations that involved in development of technical documentation. Original of the Safety Case must be kept by the developer (designer) and copy must be kept by the manufacturer and organization which operates this equipment.

Technical conditions is the design document which establishes the basic requirements to the goods (technical, safety and environmental protection), to it’s construction, inspection, acceptance and use. Technical conditions defines the requirements for safety and quality of a particular manufacturer. Thus, on the basis of this document it can be controlled activity of manufacturer in producing the goods and make a conclusion about the quality of manufactured products according to these requirements.

Technical conditions can be developed for one specific product, material, substance and etc. or more specific products, materials, substances and etc. (Sectional specification).

Operating manual is a document that contains information about the operating principles, construction and properties of the goods necessary for compliance with the terms of safe operation. As a rule, the OM includes the following sections: intended use, description and operation, maintenance and servicing, transportation, conditions of storage and disposal. Operating manual included in the scope of documents that are required for submission to the certification body during the conformity assessment of products with technical regulations.

Passport is an exploitation document which is designing on each manufactured  product and contains main information about the product and all completed work on the product, influencing on it’s continued use. Passport contains data on the main parameters and characteristics of products, manufacturer's warranty, certification requirements and utilization conditions. In passport also indicates components, information about the operation, storage and other information about the product.

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