Declaration of Conformity TR CU

Declaration of conformity to the technical regulations of the Customs Union is an official document by which the manufacturer or supplier confirm that the produced (or supplied) goods meet all the compulsory requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union based on the proofs provided by the manufacturer or supplier. Declaration of Conformity is required for customs clearance and subsequent realization of goods. Goods that need to be declared in order to validate the conformity are listed in the relevant technical regulations of the Customs Union.

“Declaration of Conformity TR CU” is valid throughout the Customs Union (Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan). “Declaration of Conformity of the Customs Union” has equal legal power as “Certificate of Conformity”.

Testing of goods by manufacturer and third-party organizations (accredited laboratories) that have the authority to perform such tests is an absolutely mandatory element of the declaration process.

Single form of Declaration of Conformity TR CU includes information about the applicant and goods, product codes, volumes of goods that are subject to declaration, documents based on which the decision was made, terms and conditions of storage of the goods, date of registration and expiry date of the declaration.

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